Bihar Acupressure Yoga College

Acupressure is a good friend of Life Dr. C.P Gupta

Chairman Message

I would like wish you all Now a days whole world having suffered from a highly painful ailments, great distress,both mentally and financially,need to be cured promptly,effectively at a nominal or at no cost.

Besides this the BAYC Institute is one of the best study center under the affiliation with Universities which are empowered to award degree as specified by the University Grant Commission (U.G.C.) Recognised by Distance Education Council (DEC) and AICTE.

It was a chance,Late Dr.Chandrama Prasad Gupta, th e then Hon’ble Member,Bihar State Board of Hemoeopathic System of Medicine(Nominated by Govt.of Bihar)was a noble soul who learnt the art and science of Acupressure/Acupunture a drugless therapy from sants like sant Badhu Das, sant Ram Briksha and others in 1972. He wanted to popularise this system extensively so that more and more people could drive benefit from it. Then he established three Institutions like”Indian Council of Acupressure Yoga”, “Swasthya Jagurukta Mission” and “Bihar Acupressure Yoga College”and started to popularies by imparting the knowledge and to practice &serve the suffered people.

Hon'ble Chairman

Dr. Sarvadeo Pd. Gupta

It is the oldest system of natural treatment. In his project the added Alternative Medicine like Magneto therapy,Herbal, Colour therapy,Electropathy, Naturopathy. Acupressure/Acupunture/Magnetotherapy are the marvelous system, simple and easy to practice. These are highly effective, completely safe and absolutely scientific, any body even illiterate person also may be benefitted from Acupressure system of medicine

Acupressure treatment can be given to people of any sex and age, men, women, babies, children, young, old, any where and any time. There is nothing to lose but much gain from these therapies. Acupressure is an unique system in two spects easy detection of diseases and their prompt cure. It is only natural therapy though which one can easily ascertain the normal or abnormal functions of different internal organs of the body.

The concept of energy is vital motivating force in body. In Indian Philosophy it is know as “Patna”. Yogies call it “Prana Vayu”. As long as “Prana” or “Prana Vayu” exist in the body,the heart beats, brain works, the lungs breath and the whole organism stays as a living miracle. No one has seen this “Prana” but the concept is unchallaged.

The positive and negative are the two aspects of the energy which is the basic principle of the entire universe. Good health is the state of energy balance between these two and its upsetting results in a disease. At present the AYUSH, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. Of India has included Acupressure. Acupuncture,Magneto therapy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Alternative Medicine, Reiki as useful therapy, W.H.O. Has recommended also. So now the future is bright.

This group has been established with the mitto of “Health for All”&”Education for All”

I wish you success in career and wonderful experience.