Bihar Acupressure Yoga College

Acupressure is a good friend of Life Dr. C.P Gupta

Acupressure :

Acupressure is highly appreciated by all classes of the people because it is widely applicable, simple, Safe, economical treatment and gives quick relief. This treatment can be given to all the persons at any stage of diseases in any age group of either sex. There is no any complication or side effect during or after the treatment. Acupressure is the oldest and the best developed of natural healing tradition of humanity. It is a medical system of India. In Acupressure therapy pressure is applied on certain points located on palms, soles and body. The pressure given on the points stimulates the related organs of the body and prevents diseases as well as maintains good health. This therapy also enables us to diagnose and cure the diseases permanently. Such therapy can be found in family tradition in India today. Pressure point therapy is an ancient art of healing which is popular in many eastern countries particularly India, China, Korea and Japan. To impart deep Knowledge and skill, to become compitent in physical diagnosis and develop proper attitude for practice of Acupressure and carry out treatment.

Reiki :

Reiki is also an ancient and the least developed healing method. In Reiki place your hand on certain points of your body and give energy by wishing of almighty. Absent healing is also a method of Reiki. It is popular in Japan, America, India and a great proud of it because Reiki is originated from India and at present it gains so popularity in every person of our country.

Electro Homeopathy

All things are based on lymph & Blood and complexa complexis curenture.

Magnet therapy :

All things are base on yang & Yin (Positive and Negative) magnetic power. Our body is itself a magnet so it may be controlled by magnetic power. We can manage to cure any type of disease.


All things are made by five elements. It depends on soil, water, sun and air only and can cure the difficult & Chronic diseases.

Yoga :

As we know Yoga is also a nice therapy and harmonisation of physical, Vital, Mental, psychological and spiritual aspects. It controls severe attacks and maintains good health also. It has a great value in life.

Bach Flower :

Bach Flower Remedies is an allied subject of treatment based on mind symptoms. The mind in its turn is master of the body, which does exactly- it walks or sits, drinks, eats, breaths, sleeps, smiles and laughs, talks or frowns and in fact faithfully performs whatever mind wills. The body is a mirror reflecting all that is passing through the mind. So indeed our bodily condition depends upon our thought. Illness is the result of disharmony. A change of mood often before and some times long before the disease appears and by treatment with herbs of nature can prevent the malady ever appearing..

Alternative Medicine :

Alternative medicine means the exclusion of Allopathy. It works in collaboration with the mind and the body and the self defensive mechanisms available in the bodies to boost up the natural defences, to correct the interior and exterior, to energize the curative potentials which the living bing is endowed with. Thus, all alternative medical systems have great value in the field of treatment. This is why W.H.O. has given attention to these Alternative medical systems. Most of the people is attracting towards these systems, more as Acupressure, Reiki and etc. because these are harmless and give quick relief in treating the diseases. So, it is fact, that the time is coming for the best scope and honour to alternative Doctors, (more Acupressure therapists). And also there is more scope to do Something for research and development in these Alternative systems At present The AYUSH Department, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India has included Acupressure, Acupuncture, Magneto therapy, Naturopathy, Yoga, Alternative Medicine, Reiki as useful therapy

W.H.O. has recommended.

No age limit but the person not below 16 years of age, the person who in service can attend and complete the courses in part time.

Admission Procedure

(1) Full up the application form in two copies for admission and attach the photostate copies of certificate & mark .............sheet of academic qualifications with forms.
(2) Must attach the photo copies of High School certificate for verification of date of birth.
(3) Three passport size (one on each form and one for identity card).
(4) You can download Admission form from website


Fee by cash or D.D. in the name of "Swasthya Jagarukata Mission" Payable At "Patna" in to be remitted to secretary, BIHAR ACUPRESSURE YOGA COLLEGE, Narayan Bhawan, East Lohanipur, Patna-3. The fee is not refundable in any circumstances.


1) .Bearing the prescribed uniform in college campus (White apron)
(2)Every one should have necessary equipments with him/her.
(3)Presence in practical classes is compulsory other wise Rs.-5/- will be charged as fine for each absence.
(4)No student without his/her identity cards, proper uniforms and necessary equipments will be .............permitted in out-door.
(5)Presence of students, who are in correspondence course is necessary in the practical classes for 20 days.
(6)The best student Award, Gold Medal Award, Ratna Award, Gaurav Award, Shiromani Award of Related Pathy and .............Dr. C.P. Gupta Award, Rambriksha Award, Radhika Rani Award, Shri Award is awarded by college on occasion of .............annual function.